COVID-19 update

In line with the current Victorian Government announcements, our skateparks are open to the public from Saturday 18 September, but all programs and services remain suspended until further notice.

One alert active

Scooter sessions offer kids and young people the opportunity to learn and develop their skills on a scooter, interact with a coach and gain feedback to build confidence.

The YMCA Action Sports crew is taking scooter sessions online, with free virtual sessions whilst we are in lockdown. These sessions are open to anyone, whether you’re a new scooter rider or are competent and wanting to refine your skills.

The hour long virtual sessions are being run by our team of scooter coaches and offer different sessions to suit your specific skills from beginner, through to intermediate scooter riders.

How to get involved

Register for a session by clicking the 'book now' button below. Fill out the registration form (for those aged 16 and under, parental/guardian permission is required) and we’ll send you the link to join.


Virtual Scooter sessions will run each week between the 7 and 23 September 2021, every:

Monday 3 – 4pm
Beginner scooter riders
Monday 4 – 5pm
Intermediate scooter riders



The Beginner sessions are for people who are starting to scooter and for anyone still working on grasping the basic skills, tricks and confidence. These sessions will cover the most fundamental moves to get you setup for further improvement such as, stance, basic control tips, small tricks and progression tips.


Intermediate sessions are recommended for scooter riders who are comfortable with basic riding and small manoeuvres. These sessions will get you exploring the basic tricks needed to push your riding to the next level. Tricks such as, Tailwhips, Barspins and No footers will be amongst those covered. 

Equipment and Set Up

We’ll email you a zoom link ahead of the session. Log in at the time using your device (a hands free phone, laptop, iPad will all work), and make sure you have a clear, safe space around you.

You’ll need a scooter and helmet to participate. And for those beginners we recommend other safety gear such as knee pads and wrist guards if you’re building up your confidence.

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