If you're a local council or community group, we can run the following events at your skate park:

Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days are designed to bring the community together in a family-friendly environment and where young people can showcase their skate skills. We can run them at any skate park during the day (or at night if your skate park has lights).

We host a range of activities at our Family Fun Days, from sessions and workshops, to skate games and mini competitions, as well as delicious BBQs.

If you're a local council or community group interested in hosting a Family Fun Day event at your skate park, find our more on how to partner with us.

Skate Park Open Days

Are you planning on opening a brand new Skate Park? Here at YMCA we know how to turn this into a real community celebration and would love to work with you to show off this new asset.

Skate Park Open Days can involve official openings from the Mayor or local Councillors, workshops, demonstrations, games and competitions.

If you are a local council and are about to open a brand new facility, contact us to find out how we can help you put on a show!

Girls Progression Sessions

Girls Progression Sessions are female-only skate sessions that are designed to empower girls to feel confident in accessing skate parks in a safe and supportive environment. We can run them at any skate park.

We also provide female mentors for young skaters to help them achieve everything they can. We work with young female skaters to help promote healthy lifestyles and encourages the safe use of skate park facilities.

During these Girls Progression Sessions, our coaches will focus on skill development, injury prevention, safety and skate park etiquette. The program will be flexible in approach and tailor lessons to suit people for a range of abilities and levels. All coaches are qualified and work with all participants to ensure each individual has a positive experience in your facility.

If you're a local council or community group interested in hosting Girls Progression Sessions at your skate park, find our more on how to partner with us.

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