What is Skate Park Leagues?

Skate Park Leagues is a grassroots competition series that offers young people a chance to showcase their skateboard, BMX and scooter skills, whilst promoting positive use of council skate parks and skate park culture. Skate Park Leagues was launched in 2007 in partnership with the Victorian Skateboarding Association as a series of interconnected events in and around Melbourne. Now, Skate Park Leagues runs over 100 events a year across Australia.

The Skate Park Leagues seasons run from 1 January until 31 December each year.

Join Skate Park Leagues

Skate Park Leagues is open to young people and is free of charge. It provides disengaged young people a chance to feel engaged with their local community and have a platform to showcase their talent through a national pathway. 

Skate Park Leagues was has over 6,600 active members and deliver over 180 events nationwide each year. Annually this represents over 65,000 people attending or participating in YMCA Action Sports events across Australia. Plus, if a participant finishes in the top three places (for each age division) on your Skate Park Leagues state league ladder, you'll qualify to take part in the Australian Skate Park and Skateboarding League National Championships.

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Skate Park Leagues currently hosts over 100 events nationwide each year. To see what events Skate Park Leagues are currently hosting, see our events calendar.

Support us

Over 90 local government areas and invested organisations support Skate Park Leagues to implement positive social change for young people. Skate Park Leagues events regularly attract between 300 to 600 people (competitors, spectators and officials).

Skate Park Leagues can be run as a pop-up event, where the Y brings everything needed to facilitate the event from start to finish, or if you already run skate park events, they can be sanctioned for a fee.

If you're a like-minded organisation or council and would like to see a Skate Park League competition in your area, find out more about how to partner with us.

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