Skate Club is a group mentoring program designed to progress people through the beginner and intermediate stages of skateboarding. The curriculum has been planned to keep people engaged in the sport as they advance through these stages.

The sessions incorporate various levels of technical skills as the skater progresses through the program. From the basics to intermediate skills in street and transition skateboarding. We track each students’ progress and actively demonstrate and describe necessary techniques to achieve the desired outcomes.

As we take the skaters through the sessions, we reinforce basic skills around skateboarding, injury prevention, safety and technique, along with skate park etiquette - immersing skaters in the skateboarding culture.


The program

During Skate Club sessions, skaters build confidence through improving their skateboarding skills. From balance, to agility, coordination and techniques.

Duration of each session is one hour and our coaches work with up to ten Skate Club members at a time.

The program is broken into stages, ranging from beginner to intermediate:

  • Stage 1: Covers the basics around footwork, street and transition skills
  • Stage 2: Continues into intermediate skills of footwork, street and transition skateboarding and skateboarding culture
  • Stage 3: Covers intermediate street, transition skateboarding skills and skateboarding culture



Our friendly and professional staff are experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experiences. All instructors have working with children checks and are first aid certified.



  • Equipment: we provide all skateboards and safety gears or participants can bring their own.
    *Please note: this doesn’t include cruisers or long boards.
  • What to bring: each participate should have a helmet, water and sunscreen.
  • When to arrive: Arrive at the skate park 10 min before the session starts, parents or guardians must sign the students in and out
  • Weather policy: If the weather is too hot (over 35 degrees) or raining we will reschedule the class for an alternate day



For more information on locations and session times, please visit our bookings page. All bookings are to be made online.

If you’re a school or group, please visit our All Aboard page for more information.

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