The YMCA Action Sports crew is taking Skate Club online, with virtual skateboarding and scooter sessions whilst we are in lockdown. These weekly, paid sessions are available for skateboarders and scooter riders with different skill levels whether you’re new to skateboarding or have mastered the basics and want to start exploring new tricks and techniques.

The hour long virtual sessions are being run by our team of  coaches and offer sessions to suit your specific skills from beginner and first push, through to intermediate and advanced.

How to get involved

Register for a session by clicking the link below. Fill out the registration form (for those aged 16 and under, you’ll need to get parent permission), put in your payment details and we’ll send you the link to join.

The virtual sessions are $20 each and will be capped at 6 skaters per session. This allows for tailored and frequent feedback for each skater in the hour long session.


Virtual Skate Club sessions will run each week on the following schedule:

Monday            4pm
Tuesday           4pm
Wednesday     4pm
Thursday         4pm




The Beginner sessions are for people who are starting to skateboard and those still working on basic skills and techniques. In these sessions our coaches will cover getting comfortable on the board through stance, pushing and turning, fundamental board control and falling. You’ll also learn the basics of equipment, etiquette and exercises you can practice. With frequent feedback from coaches and the opportunity for skater to ask lots of questions, these sessions are perfect to learn quickly and know what to practice after the sessions.


Intermediate sessions are recommended for independent skateboarders who are confident on the board, and have mastered the basics. Our coaches will start to teach tricks and techniques to improve your skateboarding ability, such as switch stance and pop. You’ll get direct feedback and our coaches will offer opportunities to refine your existing skills and techniques on the board. 

Equipment and Set Up

We’ll email you a zoom link ahead of the session. Log in at the time using your device (a hands free phone, laptop, iPad will all work), and make sure you have a clear, safe space around you.

You’ll need a skateboard and helmet to participate. And for those beginners we recommend other safety gear such as knee pads and wrist guards if you’re building your confidence on a skateboard.

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